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Law for Healthcare Providers

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Nelson, Erin; Ogbogu, Ubaka
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The new book addresses health law in all Canadian jurisdictions. The text examines a broad range of topics and provides useful guidance to healthcare providers and professionals on the laws and policies surrounding these issues.

The law related to the provision of healthcare in Canada continues to evolve, raising complex issues related to everything from end-of-life care to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of medical records. In Law for Healthcare Providers, authors Ubaka Ogbogu and Erin Nelson examine this broad range of topics and provide useful guidance to healthcare professionals on the laws and policies surrounding these issues.

 A valuable resource

Written for medical professionals and practitioners in Canada, this book addresses health law in all Canadian jurisdictions. In addition to providing succinct and comprehensive overviews of the law that is relevant to healthcare, Law for Healthcare Providers allows readers to access the information they need quickly and easily. Topics covered include the confidentiality of patient information, medical negligence, reproductive and sexual health law, and professional regulation and discipline.

This volume is a valuable resource for doctors, nurses and medical staff as it offers practical solutions to everyday matters that they face at work while referencing the applicable legislation, regulations and policies. In particular, Law for Healthcare Providers is useful as it:

  • Outlines current Canadian laws and policies related to healthcare
  • Includes helpful tables and charts that highlight key concepts and information
  • Provides a list of further reading at the end of each chapter

 This reference book would be useful for:

  • Healthcare practitioners and professionals as a reference guide for doctors, nurses, medical students, hospital and facility staff who need to quickly identify legal issues and determine next steps
  • Academics as it can serve as a resource for medical and nursing students who need to understand the medical legal landscape
  • Health law lawyers who want an up-to-date resource that addresses the issues they face on a regular basis
  • In-house lawyers in the medical industry as it acts as a resource that lawyers can rely on for the most current information related to health law

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