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Environmental Class Actions in Canada
2nd Edition

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Durocher, André
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Product Description

This new edition of Andre Durocher's work Environmental Class Actions in Canada provides exclusive and authoritative coverage of prominent environmental litigation. Environmental issues are subject to intense scrutiny by the news media and come with high reputational risk to businesses and government entities. This new edition provides exclusive and authoritative coverage of prominent environmental litigation across Canada.

The author, a leading practitioner in class action litigation and environmental law, approaches this complex field by reviewing the foundation of class action law in Canada and discussing its specific application to environmental issues.

Class action litigation is thoroughly explored, including at each procedural stage, and how environmental class actions often end with a settlement. The author has made a point of discussing the terms and conditions of the settlements in order to offer practical advice to practitioners and to give the readers generally a better sense on how environmental class actions work in the real world.. The author also examines how environmental class actions have succeeded or failed and why. He analyzes the specific risks associated with this type of litigation, including key issues that can lead to legal liability.

This new updated edition includes an entirely revised chapter on climate change class actions as well as new chapters on hospital noise and electromagnetic field pollution.

This work will provide you with a complete exposé of relevant issues, such as:

  • How to handle specific contamination issues
  • How procedural aspects of environmental class actions impact time and budgets
  • The most common issues likely to be certified, including punitive and compensatory damages
  • When to move from a defensive mode to a settlement mode

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