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Environmental Class Actions in Canada

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Durocher, André
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In this practical new work, a leading practitioner in class action litigation and environmental law approaches this practice area industry by industry to show how class actions can (or cannot) help to resolve environmental problems.

The author reviews Hollick and Alcan, the two cases that are the foundation of environmental class action law in Canada, and discusses the specific environmental issues they raise. Cases are reviewed up to December 2017 and include those litigated as well as class actions that were settled before or after certification or authorization.

Environmental Class Actions in Canada provides you with a thorough analysis to help you better understand:

  • How class action law works in general
  • The issues relevant to multiple industries and sectors
  • The specific stages of class actions
  • How class actions have succeeded or failed in a specific area
  • The potential for class certification
  • The risk associated with class action litigation

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