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Canadian Administrative Law
3rd Edition

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Régimbald, Guy
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Product Description

Since the second edition of this book was published in 2008, administrative law in Canada has evolved considerably, due in part to a number of recent Supreme Court of Canada decisions. This third edition of Canadian Administrative Law provides an updated look at this important area of law, taking the new case law into account while still providing readers with a comprehensive guide to the subject. In particular, this volume offers an explanation of: the theoretical foundations of judicial review and how they are supported by the constitution; the powers of administrative decision-makers; why and under what circumstances decision-makers determine both constitutional and jurisdictional issues; the standard of review; fairness; bias; and procedural issues.

Highlights of This Essential Resource
Canadian Administrative Law, 3rd Edition is a valuable reference for anyone involved in the practice or study of administrative law – from lawyers in private practice, government lawyers and academics, to judges and adjudicators, to paralegals and law students. This treatise features:

  • Expert analysis, including comprehensive coverage of the key aspects of administrative law, such as procedural fairness, bias, impartiality, jurisdiction, discretion and the standards of review
  • Invaluable practical tips, including an in-depth discussion of the relationship between constitutional and administrative law in Canada
  • Relevant case law, fully updated
  • Research tools, including a table of cases and topical index which greatly reduce the work necessary when researching specific cases

New In This Edition
This third edition of Canadian Administrative Law has been fully updated to reflect changes in the case law since the book's original publication and examines:

  • New developments in the standard of review for judicial reviews and appeals in the wake of the seminal Vavilov decision
  • Changes to the approach to “jurisdictional questions”
  • Supreme Court of Canada decisions applying Charter rights to administrative decisions (Law Society of British Columbia v. Trinity Western UniversityLoyola High School v. Quebec (Attorney General))
  • Consultation and accommodation in Aboriginal and constitutional law
  • Developments on the judicial review of discretionary decisions


Table of Contents

 Chapter I: Introduction
 Chapter II: Relationship Between Constitutional Law and Administrative Law
 Chapter III: Delegation and Regulation-Making
 Chapter IV: Jurisdiction
 Chapter V: Discretion
 Chapter VI: Procedural Fairness / Audi Alteram Partem
 Chapter VII: Impartiality, Bias and Independence / Nemo Judex in Causa Sua
 Chapter VIII: Standards of Review
 Chapter IX: Remedies
 Chapter X: Statutory Framework


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