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Cybersecurity in Canada: A Guide to Best Practices, Planning, and Management
2nd Edition

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Ahmad, Imran
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Product Description

We have all heard the saying “It’s not a question of if but rather, when a cyber incident will affect an organization” — however, increasingly, organizations are being judged on “how” they respond to such incidents. This text is designed to be a helpful resource for in-house counsel, corporate executives, and lawyers involved in preventative planning and incident response management of cybersecurity matters. This book provides a discussion and analysis of the background and foundation of the law as well as a practical guide to best practices.

This comprehensive handbook brings together expertise from industry leaders and outlines best practices for network security, asset management, assessing threats and vulnerabilities, amongst other areas of cyber protection. It covers key areas such as procurement, insurance, and selection of cybersecurity vendors. It also discusses topics such as supply chain risks, corporate governance, due diligence in M&A transactions and the role of the Board of Directors and their duties in overseeing cybersecurity matters. Content also includes law enforcement, credit monitoring, and litigation exposure.

This new edition not only updates all chapters included in the first edition but also features 7 new chapters covering such topics as: cybersecurity considerations for business transactions; technical considerations for incident management; reporting and notification requirements under regulatory authorities; public sector privacy considerations; cross-border considerations for managing a cybersecurity incident; reporting to and working with law enforcement; and Legal Privilege during breach response. Also included is a useful Glossary of terms and many useful precedents and checklists.

Table of Contents


 Chapter 1: Overview of the Canadian cybersecurity landscape

 Chapter 2: Best practices to implement prior to a breach

 Chapter 3: Cloud computing

 Chapter 4: Procurement considerations for Cybersecurity

 Chapter 5: Supply chain cybersecurity

 Chapter 6: Cybersecurity considerations for business transactions

 Chapter 7: Oversight obligations of the board of directors and management

 Chapter 8: Incident management

 Chapter 9: You’ve been breached!: technical considerations for incident management

 Chapter 10: Reporting and notification requirements under privacy laws

 Chapter 11: Reporting and notification requirements under other regulatory authorities

 Chapter 12: Public sector cybersecurity

 Chapter 13: Cross border considerations for managing a cybersecurity incident

 Chapter 14: Reporting to and working with law enforcement

 Chapter 15: Legal privilege during breach response

 Chapter 16: Litigation exposure

 Chapter 17: Cyber and privacy insurance

 Chapter 18: Credit monitoring

 Chapter 19: Communications best practices for cyber incidents

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