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The Law of ADR in Canada - An Introductory Guide
3rd Edition

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Rotterdam, Markus; Glaholt, Duncan W.
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Product Description

Fast and Fair – Choose the Right Dispute Resolution Method
Litigation is no longer the default mechanism for resolving a commercial or civil dispute. Today, the key issue for parties in dispute is choosing a process that is both fair and affordable. The Law of ADR in Canada – An Introductory Guide, 3rd Edition explains dispute resolution mechanisms available throughout Canada, from common ones like mediation and arbitration to those not typically covered in books on dispute resolution like community and faith-based approaches.

Discover when and how to use:

  • Aboriginal courts
  • Conciliation
  • Dispute review boards
  • Community and faith-based dispute resolution
  • International arbitration
  • Apologies legislation
  • Ombudspersons
  • Settlement conferences
  • Court annexed mediation
  • Pre-trial conferences
  • Other related ADR methods

What’s New In This Edition

  • Covers legislative and judicial changes in the law since the publication of the second edition four years ago, including the Supreme Court of Canada decision Uber Technologies Inc. v. Heller, 2020 SCC 16
  • Updates to the section on arbitration costs
  • Updates to the various provincial and federal adjudication schemes
  • Discussion of new developments in construction adjudications across Canada


Table of Contents

 Chapter 1: Introduction
 Chapter 2: Private Dispute Resolution
 Chapter 3: Ombudspersons
 Chapter 4: Apologies Legislation
 Chapter 5: Public Alternative Dispute
 Appendix A: Generic Arbitration Agreement
 Appendix B: Generic Mediation Agreement

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