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Mack's Expert Evidence Compendium - 2019 Edition

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Mack, Dallas; Tansey, Louise
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Expert evidence law has seen significant development in recent years. There is an increasing trend to have expert evidence tendered in court and the courts are being called upon with more frequency to rule on admissibility and probative value of such evidence. Equally important, the number of experts in this field is limited and access to commentary about those experts can be a valuable tool to assist counsel in trial preparation.

Mack’s Expert Evidence Compendium - 2019 Edition is comprised of case digests summarizing, reviewing and commenting on cases that consider expert evidence organized under specific topical areas. With the principles that govern admissibility of expert evidence in mind, this Compendium reviews areas of expert opinion evidence that have been advanced and the parameters and probative value of that evidence. The Compendium is an easily accessible and practical resource that will assist the practitioner in the identification of legal issues relating to expert evidence, the areas of expertise needed in a case and the experts qualified in the applicable field.

All the information you need to connect to the right witness or challenge expert evidence can be found in this unique collection of digests that includes:

  • A comprehensive review of expert evidence from all areas of expertise, sorted by subject matter
  • A complete summary of the evidence, including the name(s) of the expert(s) who testified and the court’s treatment of that evidence
  • Your choice of format: Print, eBook, or both formats together
  • Annual updates that keep this collection current

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