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The Québec Class Action: A Roadmap
2nd Edition

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Finn, Shaun
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Product Description

Québec was the first Canadian province to adopt class actions as a legal procedure, and while the other provinces have followed Québec's lead, class actions in that jurisdiction remain unique as they are largely conditioned by the tenets of civil law, not common law. The Québec Class Action: A Roadmap, 2nd Edition is a useful primer that will enable in-house counsel and practitioners both inside and outside of Canada to navigate Québec's complex class action system with greater confidence and ease.

Up-To-Date, Comprehensive Content
Edited by Shaun E. Finn, an experienced commercial litigator at BCF with proven experience in the area of class actions, The Québec Class Action: A Roadmap, 2nd Edition offers readers valuable insights and practical, real-world guidance. In particular, this text features:

  • Significant changes in case law since the publication of the first edition in 2016
  • The most current information, including recent revisions to Québec's Code of Civil Procedure and its impact on class action proceedings
  • An analysis of the substantive issues related to class actions as well as the statutory law
  • A review of the various stages of a class action, from the application for authorization, to trial, and final judgment
  • A cheat sheet and procedural roadmap to help readers navigate the class action process
  • An easy-to-follow format that makes looking up relevant rules and case law fast and easy

Table of Contents

 Chapter 1: The Québec Class Action at a Glance
 Chapter 2: Québec’s Class Action Market: What Do the Numbers Reveal?
 Chapter 3: Certification by Another Name: Understanding the Criteria for “Authorization”
 Chapter 4: Applications to Stay or Dismiss
 Chapter 5: Preliminary Applications
 Chapter 6: The Authorization Hearing
 Chapter 7: Pre-Trial Applications
 Chapter 8: Enter the Gladiators: The Common Issues Trial
 Chapter 9: Appeals
 Chapter 10: How To Pay Class Members
 Chapter 11: When and How to Settle
 Chapter 12: Procedural Roadmap: From Application for Authorization to Final Judgment
 Chapter 13: General Principles of Québec’s Substantive Law
 Chapter 14: So, What’s the Takeaway?
 Table of Cases
 Table of Legislation


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