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Civil Frauds and Good Faith

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Tweedie, Michael; Dingle, Gillian B.
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Thomson Reuters Canada Ltd.
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Civil Frauds and Good Faith examines the similarities and intersections between contractual good faith duties, the organizing principle of good faith, and the common law tort of civil fraud, or deceit. 

The Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in Bhasin v. Hrynew changed the landscape of contract law and contractual performance. It introduced the “organizing principle” of good faith in to the performance of contractual duties, and made it easier to expose those who committed fraud in the performance of their duties to contractual liability. Since then, an army of litigators has been engaged in attempting to push the ambit of this organizing principle, to define it and flesh out its scope.

This resource pulls together a collection of cases relevant to each topic covered, in order to provide an easy reference for any practitioner.

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