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The Law of Objections in Canada : A Handbook

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Marseille, Claude; McArthur, Joe
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Comprehensive and useful
Based on Claude Marseille’s well-known French publication, LegisPratique – Les objections à la preuve en droit civil, and with chapters written by a collection of expert contributing authors, The Law of Objections in Canada: A Handbook fills a gap in the marketplace by focusing exclusively on the 50 possible objections that lawyers can make in a trial under the common law.

This one-stop guide for the rules of law relating to objections is an excellent reference book: comprehensive, easy to understand and simple to navigate. Each chapter is organized into four sections: statement of law, rationale, scope and exceptions. The resulting logical flow and detailed explanations make this manual indispensable.

In addition, the at-a-glance Table of Objections is particularly useful.

Table of Contents

Part I: Objections Respecting the Object of Proof
 A. Relevance and related rules
      • Relevance
      • Character Evidence
      • Similar Fact Evidence
 B. Rules promoting fairness at trial
      • Not pleaded matters
      • No pre-trial disclosure
      • Splitting the case
 C. Privilege
      • Solicitor-client privilege
      • Litigation privilege
      • Settlement privilege
      • Crown immunity
      • Parliamentary privilege
      • Judicial immunity
      • Spousal privilege
      • Informer or whistleblower privilege
      • Disclosure prohibited by statute
      • Case-by-case privilege
 D. Rules protecting fundamental rights and freedoms
      • Evidence obtained in violation of fundamental rights and freedoms
      • Privilege against self-incrimination
      • Language used in Court
 Part II: Objections Respecting the Means of Proof
 A. Testimony
      1. Admissibility
           • Statute of Frauds
           • Best evidence rule
           • Parol evidence rule
           • Opinion
      2. Opinion
           • Opinion of factual witness
           • Admissibility of expert testimony
      3. Hearsay
           • Hearsay
      4. Transcripts
           • Production by party not adverse in interest
           • Implied undertaking of confidentiality
      5. Examination at Trial
           • Capacity
           • Oath
           • Examination in chief
           • Cross-examination
           • Re-examination
           • Misc. objections at all stages of examination
 B. Documentary evidence
      1. Admissibility
           • Hearsay
      2. Presentation
           • Best evidence rule
           • Prior notice
 C. Admissions
           • Not binding
 D. Real evidence
           • Best evidence rule
           • Prior notice
 E. Circumstantial evidence
           • Character Evidence
           • Similar Fact Evidence


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