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The 2020-2021 Annotated Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act

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Sarra, Janis P.; Morawetz, Geoffrey B.; Houlden, Lloyd W.
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Use The Annotated Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act as a quick reference for immediate access to primary law and concise commentary on bankruptcy, insolvency, and restructuring in Canada.

This book, always up-to-date with two editions per year, continues to be the resource you can rely on for authoritative guidance and current law and policy at a moment's notice. This practical softcover is a condensed version of the five-volume classic Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law of CanadaFourth Edition. It's the perfect quick reference you can rely on for immediate access to primary law and concise commentary.

This edition includes all recent legislative amendments and the inclusion of Directive No. 1R6 (Counselling in Insolvency Matters), Directive No. 11R2-2020 (Surplus Income), Directive No. 13R7 (Trustee Licensing), and Directive No. 28R (Non-Resident Office).

Also included is the following recent case law dealing with the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act and Companies Creditors Arrangement Act:

  • Toronto-Dominion Bank v. Canada (2020 FCA)
  • 1842752 Ontario Inc. v. Fortress Wismer 3-2011 Ltd. (2020 ONCA)
  • 3113736 Canada Ltd. v. Cozy Corner Bedding Inc. (2020 ONCA)
  • Arrangement relatif à 9323-7055 Québec inc. (Aquadis International Inc.) (2020 QCCA)
  • ATB Financial v. Coredent Partnership (2020 ABCA)
  • CWB Maxium Financial Inc. v. 2026998 Alberta Ltd. (2020 ABCA)
  • Levick v. Canada Revenue Agency (2020 NSCA)
  • McKibbon v. BDO Canada Limited (2020 BCCA)
  • Pacer Holdings Construction Corporation v. Richard Pelletier Holdings Inc. (2020 ABCA)
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc. v. Perpetual Energy Inc. (2020 ABCA)
  • Re Curriculum Services Canada/Services des programmes Détudes Canada (2020 ONCA)
  • Re Urbancorp Cumberland 2 GP Inc. (2020 ONCA)
  • Royal Bank of Canada v. Bodanis (2020 ONCA)
  • Thistle v. Schumilas (2020 ONCA)
  • Wong v. Dyker Law Corporation (2020 MBCA)
  • Alberta Securities Commission v. Hennig (2020 ABQB)
  • Bank of Nova Scotia v. Avramenko (2020 SKQB)
  • In the matter of the Bankruptcy of Joel MacDonald Blanchette (2020 BCSC)
  • Re Eureka 93 Inc. et. al. (2020 ONSC)
  • Re Fougere (2020 NSSC)
  • Re Great North Data Ltd. (2020 NLSC)
  • Re Nielsen (2020 BCSC)
  • Re Nishiyama (2020 BCSC)
  • Re Ross (2020 NSSC)
  • Re Stephen Francis Podgurski (2020 ONSC)
  • Rusinek & Associates v. Arachchilage & Baliah (2020 ONSC)

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