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Child and Youth Protection and Canadian Law, 2nd Edition

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Mikelberg, David
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Emond Publishing
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Child and Youth Protection and Canadian Law, 2nd Edition uses updated legislation and current case law to explore issues related to youth in conflict with the law and youth in care. Its comprehensive coverage makes it a highly valuable resource for programs in youth service work, community services, criminal justice, and police foundations.

Some of the topics covered in this text include the new Child, Youth and Family Services Act, 2017, cyberbullying, changes to the Youth Criminal Justice Act, and family law. This edition also contains a variety of tools, such as defined terms, review questions, and suggested sources for additional reading, that students can use to reinforce and reflect on what they have learned.

This important and relevant information allows readers to have a deeper understanding of the special protections and laws at play when it comes to working with young persons.


  • Information on the new Child, Youth and Family Services Act, 2017
  • Updated information on the Youth Criminal Justice Act
  • End-of-chapter key term lists, review questions, suggested sources, and references
  • Learning outcomes and Case in Point boxes throughout
  • Test bank and PowerPoint slides for adopting instructors


Part I: Introduction to Child and Youth Protection Law
Chapter 1: Special Legal Status for Children and Youth
Chapter 2: Adults with Special Child and Youth Protection Responsibility

Part II: Young Persons and the Criminal and Civil Justice System
Chapter 3: Criminal Law for Children and Youth
Chapter 4: Child and Youth Protection Under the Criminal Code
Chapter 5: Children and Youth and the Civil Courts

Part III: Young Persons and the Child Welfare System
Chapter 6: Child, Youth and Family Services Act, 2017
Chapter 7: Children and Youth in Residential Care
Chapter 8: Family Law for Children and Youth

Part IV: Young Persons and Special Issues
Chapter 9: Young Persons and the State: Education, Health Care, and Income Support
Chapter 10: Special Issues

Appendix A: Youth Criminal Justice Act
Appendix B:

Également d’intérêt en droit de la Famille/Mariage/Divorce

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