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The Contracts Handbook
A Practical Guide to Reviewing, Revising, and Negotiating Commercial Contracts

Auteur(s) :
Kerr, Margaret
Éditeur :
Emond Publishing
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Soft Cover
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101,00 $
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While there are several contract law texts on the market, they are mostly large academic works that have little practical application. Litigating a contract issue is very different from reviewing and negotiating a contract in the commercial context. The Contracts Handbook: A Practical Guide to Reviewing, Revising, and Negotiating Commercial Contracts takes a new approach that examines contract law from a commercial perspective with a focus on helping legal professionals protect the business interests of their clients.

This text is divided into three parts. Part one follows the structure of a typical contract, with each chapter exploring a major clause. Part two deals with issues, tips, and strategies related to reviewing and revising contracts. Part three offers advice on the process of negotiating a contract. Overall, this guide is written in straightforward language, making it applicable and engaging to anyone looking to learn more about negotiating, reviewing, and revising practices.

With this clearer understanding of contracts, businesses can work more productively knowing that they are not at risk due to poorly crafted contracts.

  • Sample documents covering amendment, assignment, novation, indemnity agreement, insurance, and release
  • User-friendly, accessible format and tone
  • Caselaw and statute citations for easy reference

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