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Bennett on Receiverships
4th Edition

Auteur(s) :
Bennett, Frank
Éditeur :
Thomson Reuters
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504,00 $
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Product Description

First published in 1985 and now in its Fourth Edition, Bennett on Receiverships remains the only Canadian publication that sets out the law on all aspects of the receivership process from the decision to appoint a receiver through to discharge of the bankrupt. It also explores the concerns of all parties with an interest in a financially troubled business. National in scope, this publication provides a comprehensive treatment on the subject with a thorough description and analysis of all the recent developments.

Bennett on Receiverships 4th Edition covers the developing case law standards for courts to apply in several principal areas in a receivership administration, including the ability to predict the outcome on motion to appoint a court receiver due to the model receivership order, and the model approval of sale and vesting order.

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