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Principles of Property Law, Seventh Edition

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Ziff, Bruce H.
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Designed to provide an introduction to the fundamentals of the law of property in Canada, this publication reflects the diverse and changing face of property law.

This book lays the foundation for property-related areas, including real estate conveyancing and land registration, landlord and tenant law, estate planning and succession, trusts, equity and restitution, Aboriginal rights, bailments, and mortgage remedies.

New in this edition

  • All 12 chapters updated to reflect legislative, jurisprudential, and policy developments since the last edition
  • Primary and secondary materials spanning a broad range of common law jurisdictions
  • Expanded commentary on:
    • The argument in favour of private property involving human flourishing on a societal level
    • Accretion in the context of lateral boundaries
    • The rules of recognition of Aboriginal lands
    • Conventional forms of constructive trusts
    • Public policy and state-imposed restraints on the right to alienate
    • The limits placed on tenants regarding assignments and subleases
    • The proprietary status of licences
    • The running of burdens in equity
    • Covenants over personalty
    • Indefeasibility and its qualifications

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