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A Guide to the Youth Criminal Justice Act, 2020 Edition

*** Nouvelle édition à venir en juillet 2020 ***

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Tustin, Lee; Lutes, Robert E.
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This concise guide to the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) provides an overview of the youth criminal justice system in Canada, section-by-section commentary on legal and operational implications and captures key recent developments. A must-have for anyone dealing with young persons and those who need to understand how the YCJA is implemented.

What's New in This Edition 

  • Discussion of latest key appellate decisions concerning:
    • the application of  v. Jordan(R. v. KJM, 2018 ABCA 278; R. v. KN, 2018 BCCA 246)
    • deterrence and denunciation as sentencing principles for youth ( v. P.R., 2018 SKCA 27)
    • additional information on Intensive Rehabilitation Custody and Supervision (IRCS) sentences
  • In-depth analysis of most  recent statistics on youth sentencing

Features and Benefits

  • Updated commentary – References relevant cases and highlights reactions to the YCJA from the courts and those who work with the Act offering expert insight on recent developments
  • Full text of the legislation – Allows you to have ready access to the most current legislation
  • Section-by-section commentary  – Allows you to understand the legal rationale and operational issues of individual provisions
  • YCJA procedural chart – Provides step-by-step guidance
  • A table of concordance on the YCJA and the former Young Offenders Act– Allows you to identify what has changed and what has remained the same
  • Forms and checklists for police, Crown prosecutors and officials – Provides a handy checklist of what you can and cannot do when arresting a young person

Who Will Benefit

  • Criminal law practitionerswho represent young persons and advise them of their rights
  • Judgeswho need to be familiar with the court procedures and sentencing options for young persons under the YCJA
  • Correctional service and probation officerswho need to oversee the custody and supervision of young persons
  • Police officerswho deal with extrajudicial measures/sanctions and need to know the limits of their authority in relation to young people
  • Law enforcement program studentswho need a practical, yet comprehensive learning reference about the youth criminal justice system

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