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Cannabis Law: The Legislative Framework 2020

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MacFarlane, Bruce A.; Frater, Robert J.; Michaelson, Croft
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Canada Law Book
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Cannabis Law: The Legislative Framework – 2020 Edition, a companion to Cannabis Law, includes all significant cannabis-related statutes and regulations in Canada.

This volume provides an extensive and useful guide to the national legal framework regulating cannabis, and will be a particularly valuable resource in understanding the complex world of cannabis law. 

Updates to the Federal legislative framework in the 2020 edition include the following:

New Classes of Cannabis – A potential game-changer for the growth of the nascent cannabis industry and expansion of its markets, new amendments to the regulations (introduced by SOR/2019-206) permit the manufacture and sale of edibles, topicals, and other non-smoking cannabis products while simultaneously aiming to address concerns for health and safety stemming from their use, misuse, and abuse. 

Other Recent Developments – Including the new Cannabis Tracking System Order, SOR/2019-202; amendments to the Approved Drug Screening Equipment Order, SOR/2018-179; the Industrial Hemp Regulations, SOR/2018-145; and amendments introduced by the Order Amending Schedules 3 and 4 to the Cannabis Act, SOR/2019-207; and by the Regulations Amending the Narcotic Control Regulations (Licences and Permits), SOR/2019-169.

Updates to the Provincial and Territorial frameworks include the following:

British Columbia – Amendments of the Cannabis Licencing Regulation, B.C. Reg. 202/2018, involving the terms and conditions for marketing and the operation of promotional events.

Ontario – Amendments to the Cannabis Licencing Regulation, O. Reg. 468/18, provisions pertaining to the maximum number of cannabis retail stores, and the rules applicable to operating them.

Quebec – Introduction of the Regulation respecting exceptions to the prohibitions related to drug consumption and amending other regulatory provisions, Que. Reg. O.C. 764-2019, which deals with medicinal cannabis exceptions to proscriptions found in the provincial Highway Safety Code.

Yukon – Replacement with the new, comprehensive Cannabis Licensing Regulation, Yuk. Reg. O.I.C. 2019/43.

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