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Cannabis Law

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MacFarlane, Bruce A.; Frater, Robert J.; Michaelson, Croft
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Canada Law Book
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150,00 $
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Cannabis Law is a practical guide to all aspects of the new Cannabis Act (Bill C-45) and regulations, and the complementary provincial laws and regulations


  • Diane Labelle, General Counsel, Department of Justice Canada (Chapter 6: Provincial and Territorial Regulation)
  • Rick Moscone and Eugene Derenyi (Fogler, Rubinoff LLP), and Douglas A. Cowgill (Chapter 22: Commercial Law Issues)

This timely and unique resource is a practical guide to all aspects of the new Cannabis Act (Bill C-45) and regulations, and the complementary provincial laws and regulations.

Cannabis Law covers a wide variety of legal issues, including criminal law, commercial law, and workplace and human rights-related issues. It will be essential reading not only for lawyers, but for those who want to participate in this new industry, as well as educators.

Topics discussed include federal and provincial/territorial regulatory schemes; municipal and Indigenous regulation; offences and punishment, including cannabis-impaired driving; medical cannabis; and the business of cannabis.

Summary Table of Contents

Cannabis-Related Websites

Part I:   Federal Regulation

  • The Cannabis Act: History and Overview
  • The Federal Regulatory Framework
  • Search and Seizure
  • The Detention, Disposition, and Forfeiture of Seized Property
  • Cannabis Edibles

Part II:   Regulation by other Governments

  • Provincial and Territorial Regulation
  • Municipal Regulation
  • Regulation by Indigenous Peoples

Part III:   Criminal and Regulatory Offences

  • Possession
  • Distribution and Selling
  • Importing/Exporting
  • Production
  • Cannabis-Impaired Driving
  • Using a Young Person
  • Promotion, Packaging and Labeling
  • Evidence and Procedure

Part IV:   Penalties

  • Ticketing
  • Administrative Penalties and Compliance Agreements
  • Sentencing and Criminal Records

Part V:   Medical and Workplace Issues

  • Medical Cannabis
  • Workplace and Human Rights-Related Issues

Part VI:   The Cannabis Business

  • Commercial Law Issues

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