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Sentencing, Ninth Edition

Auteur(s) :
Ruby, Clayton C.; Chan, Gerald J.; Hasan, Nader R.; Enenajor, Annamaria
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Hard Cover
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315,00 $
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An authoritative guide on all relevant aspects of sentencing
For over 30 years, this book has set forth sentencing principles and analyses in order to help criminal defence lawyers formulate effective submissions to sentencing judges. Sentencing, regarded by many as "the sentencing bible", canvasses the law of sentencing in a way that no other books on criminal law and sentencing are able: it succinctly outlines all of the significant facets of sentencing principles and procedure, and provides the reader with a comprehensive range of sentencing for various offences.


  • Clayton Ruby's commentary is Indispensable for criminal defence lawyers in navigating the complexities of sentencing law and procedure, and in formulating appropriate sentencing submissions
  • A "Range of Sentence" compilation serves as an invaluable resource for establishing sentencing ranges
  • Includes an appendix on sentencing statistics which offers a bird's-eye view of the dispositions and demographics of criminal offenders across Canada

New in the 9th Edition

  • Revised to account for all major case law decisions affecting sentencing
  • Discusses the impact of various new legislation and its effect on sentencing, including the Increasing Offenders' Accountability for Victims Act (2013), The Canadian Victim's Bill of Rights (2015), The Justice for Animals in Service Act (Quanto's Law) (2015), and The Tough Penalties for Child Predators Act (2015)
  • New discussion on the implications of successful Charter challenges to the mandatory minimum sentence, referencing two recent Supreme Court of Canada cases, R v Nur and R v Lloyd
  • Updated discussion on The Truth in Sentencing Act to reflect recent court decisions interpreting its constitutionality
  • Expanded section on Aboriginal offenders and a revisiting of the Gladue principles following the recent Supreme Court of Canada decisions, Ipelee and Anderson
  • New section discussing one of the most controversial aspects of youth sentencing law: the time a young person has spent in detention prior to sentencing
  • Revised discussion of prostitution related offences to account for the landmark Supreme Court of Canada case, Bedford v Canada (Attorney General)

Who Needs This Book?

  • Criminal defence lawyers – offers possible sentence ranges, which helps in determining the advice to the client and conduct of the case, preparation for sentencing, and formulating possible avenues for a sentencing appeal
  • Judges – assists in determining sentence range and ensuring that sentences are appropriate
  • Crown counsel – helps in formulating appropriate sentencing recommendations
  • Law libraries – an authoritative guide and invaluable research tool on sentencing in Canada

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