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Proof - Canadian Rules of Evidence
5th Edition

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Atkinson, Paul
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Product Description

Evidence law can be complex and daunting for those being introduced to the subject for the first time, as well as for those who navigate and apply the rules in practice. Proof – Canadian Rules of Evidence, 5th Edition, specifically written for non-lawyers working in the justice system and students pursuing a law-related career, explains the rules and principles of evidence, and analyzes the interaction between statutes and case reports that determine our evidence laws. This text also includes self-test questions to assist the reader in assessing their understanding and knowledge of evidence principles.

This fifth edition contains the most recent provincial Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Canada cases on rulings relating to the use of evidence. This text explains search and seizure rules, exceptions to the hearsay rule, similar fact evidence, and the admissibility of evidence obtained by warrantless searches.


  • Helps in determining what kinds of evidence are admissible; how evidence should be gathered and organized; and understanding rules on search and seizure
  • Analyses and discusses seminal court cases in regards to evidentiary rulings
  • Provides a succinct overview of the Canadian justice system
  • Explains the sources of the rules of evidence, and analyses the interaction between statutes and case reports that determine the rules of evidence
  • Refers to the latest Charter cases, and decisions addressing character evidence, informer privilege and hearsay, and the criteria for holding separate trials for multiple charges
  • Includes self-test questions after each chapter to assist students in assessing their level of understanding and knowledge of evidence principles
  • Contains a glossary of terms featuring key phrases

What’s New In This Edition

  • The most recent provincial Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Canada cases on rulings relating to evidence
  • Content on cyber law
  • Issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, including video testimony
  • Seminal Charter cases

Table of Contents


 Chapter 1: The Canadian Justice System and the Most Basic Evidence Concepts

 Chapter 2: Evidence Statutes

 Chapter 3: Court Cases You’ll Need to Know

 Chapter 4: Witnesses

 Chapter 5: Opinion Evidence and Experts

 Chapter 6: Character and Similar Fact Evidence

 Chapter 7: Hearsay

 Chapter 8: Admissions, Confessions and Charter Protections Against Self-Incrimination

 Chapter 9: Search and Seizure and Section 8 of the Charter

 Chapter 10: Other Charter Rights and Remedies

 Chapter 11: Gathering and Organizing Evidence

 Chapter 12: Some Parting Tips For Investigators, Advocates and Witnesses

 Appendix 1: Key Portions of the Canada Evidence Act R.S.C. 1985, C. C-5 (Sections 1-24)

 Appendix 2: Excerpts From the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

 Appendix 3: Case Report Samples

 Appendix 4: Glossary of Term


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