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Drug-Impaired Driving in Canada

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Baker, Nathan
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Irwin Law
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While drug-impaired driving has been a criminal offence in Canada since 1925, charges have been more common and more complex since the approval of the Drug Recognition Exercises (DRE) and Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST) in 2008. The legalization of marijuana and the imposition of per se limits for a number of drugs emphasizes the importance of a concise source of information for the complex matters raised in these cases.

Drug-Impaired Driving in Canada is a ready reference for prosecutors, defence lawyers, and the judiciary, covering the matters unique to drug-impaired driving cases. Key areas covered include the DRE, the SFST, specimen testing for drugs, specialized experts, new provincial and federal legislation on the topic, and caselaw in this developing area. This text provides a breakdown of the intricate issues that pervade drug-impaired driving cases.

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