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Prosecuting and Defending Drug Cases
A Practitioner's Handbook
Volume 11
(Emond's Criminal Law Series)

Auteur(s) :
Gorham, Nathan; Streeter, Jeremy; Vandebeek, Breana
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Emond Publishing
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115,00 $
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This text is Volume 11 in Emond’s Criminal Law Series.

Drug-related offences are one of the single largest areas of activity within criminal law. Prosecuting and Defending Drug Cases is a practical guide to the different types of drug offences, including possession, trafficking, importing, exporting, and production offences, as well as conspiracy and criminal organization offences in the context of drug distribution offences. These cases are addressed from both a prosecution and defence perspective, and provincial differences in practice or procedure are noted in each chapter.

The text also provides in-depth exploration of issues surrounding bail, disclosure, the Charter, and sentencing, alongside practice-oriented coverage of the Cannabis Act and Garofoli applications. This thorough and extensive text is sure to benefit any practitioner who works on cases involving drug-related offences.


  • Insights from contributors Janani Shanmuganathan, Aaron Shachter, and Ehsan Ghebrai
  • An introduction to the Cannabis Act
  • A guide to navigating Garofoli applications, including the Step 6 procedure
  • A table of cases


Chapter 1: Preliminary Considerations
Chapter 2: Bail in Drug Cases
Chapter 3: Disclosure Issues
Chapter 4: Charter Issues
Chapter 5: Issues of Proof
Chapter 6: Possession Offences
Chapter 7: Trafficking Offences
Chapter 8: Importing and Exporting Offences
Chapter 9: Production Offences
Chapter 10: Cannabis Act Offences
Chapter 11: Conspiracy and Criminal Organization Offences
Chapter 12: Sentencing Ranges
Chapter 13: Proceeds of Crime

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