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Prosecuting and Defending Sexual Offence Cases, 2nd Edition
Criminal Law Series Volume 4

Auteur(s) :
Brown, Daniel; Witkin, Jill
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Emond Publishing
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133,00 $
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In Prosecuting and Defending Sexual Offence Cases, 2nd Edition, Crown prosecutor Jill Witkin and defence lawyer Daniel Brown offer an extensive examination of the legal processes involved in litigating sexual offences. This bestseller is designed to help practitioners focus on the procedural, evidentiary, and strategic elements specific to sexual offence cases. These elements include search issues, children’s evidence, cross-examination on private records, and sentencing.

This edition contains new chapters on historical sexual offences and cross-examination on private records, and reflects changes in Bill C-51 pertaining to third party records, other sexual history, and consent. Analysis of case law and relevant Criminal Code provisions have been integrated throughout in order to effectively guide readers through the flow of a sexual offence case.

This text is Volume 4 in Emond’s Criminal Law Series.


  • Foreword by Marie Henein
  • Contributions from Cecilia Hageman, Meaghan Cunningham, Dawne Way, Adam Weisberg, and Colleen McKeown
  • New chapter on prosecuting and defending historic offences
  • Extensive updates pertaining to new legislation, including the Bill C-51 and Bill C-75 amendments to the Criminal Code
  • Discussion of the new 278.92 regime that governs the use of records in sexual offence cases
  • New section dealing with “myths and stereotypes” in relation to the complainant as well as the accused
  • Key commentary, from both Crown and defence, on advocacy and trial strategy
  • Practical checklists, tables, and sample consent forms

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