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Prosecuting and Defending Youth Criminal Justice Cases, 2nd Edition
A Practitioner's Handbook
Volume 1
(Emond's Criminal Law Series)

Auteur(s) :
Jones, Brock; Rhodes, Emma; Birdsell, Mary
Éditeur :
Emond Publishing
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129,00 $
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This text is Volume 1 in Emond's Criminal Law Series.

There are many procedural and ethical considerations that practitioners need to be aware of when working on a criminal case involving youth, especially when the young persons involved are from vulnerable populations that require special care. The second edition of Prosecuting and Defending Youth Criminal Justice Cases provides practical commentary and analysis alongside updated policy, case law, and legislation in order to guide readers through a youth criminal justice case from beginning to end.

New to this edition is coverage of the Cannabis Act and how it impacts young persons, as well as a review of the amendments in Bill C-75 that could impact youth justice cases. In addition, chapters on bail, youth records and privacy, and youth trials have been updated to include information on the treatment of youth in the welfare system, court remedies surrounding privacy violations, and the admissibility of digital evidence. This text also features discussion of the landmark decision of R.v. Jarvis, a decision in which author Brock Jones was cited.

Apart from this new content, readers can rely on the text’s valuable checklists, charts, precedents, and advice to assist them through procedures and issues surrounding interviewing clients, arrest and bail matters, trials, and sentencing.

Overall, this text is an incredibly comprehensive and balanced resource that is sure to enhance the practice of lawyers, judges, and other legal professionals who interact with the youth criminal justice system.


  • Foreword by The Honorable Wayne Gorman, Provincial Court of Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Practice advice from Crown, defence, and policy perspectives
  • Updates to sentencing chapter, including deferred custody and supervision orders, treatment of Indigenous and racialized young persons, and how FASD is treated in youth sentencing proceedings
  • Updates regarding bail, youth records and privacy, and the development of Charter rights for young persons
  • Discussion of Bill C-45, Bill C-75, and the R.v. Jarvis decision

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