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Evidence and Investigation, 2nd Edition
From the Crime Scene to the Courtroom

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Watkins, Kerry; Anderson, Gail; Bulmer, Warren; Rondinelli, Vincenzo
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Emond Publishing
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99,00 $
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The second edition of Evidence and Investigation is an up-to-date guide for readers seeking the technical and practical knowledge needed to effectively handle evidence from the crime scene to the courtroom. The author team draws on their decades of real-world experience in criminal investigation and forensic science to provide a thorough overview of the different types of evidence, how that evidence can be used, and the laws that govern it.

Modern day investigations are complex, but this text has readers covered with information on recognizing, gathering, preserving, and presenting evidence, as well as protocols for avoiding factors that often contribute to errors during an investigation. The text also touches on relevant legal, scientific, and academic perspectives to provide a well-rounded understanding of various investigative practices and outcomes.

This comprehensive resource will provide evidence-based training and education that is essential to anyone in a career in law enforcement or private investigation.


  • Real-life scenarios and case studies with analysis
  • Expanded coverage of digital evidence and crime scene management
  • Scientific, legal, and academic references


Part I: The Role of Evidence in the Investigative Process
Chapter 1: The Role of Evidence in the Prosecution of Criminal Offences
Chapter 2: Searching for and Securing Evidence: Legal Considerations
Chapter 3: Crime Scene Investigation and Management

Part II: The Analysis of Evidence
Chapter 4: The Role of Science in Investigations
Chapter 5: Forensic Biology and DNA
Chapter 6: Trace Evidence and Forensic Toxicology
Chapter 7: Forensic Document Examination
Chapter 8: Pattern, Tool Marks, and Firearm Evidence
Chapter 9: The Search and Seizure of Digital Devices
Chapter 10: The Investigation of Internet-based Evidence
Chapter 11: The Analysis of Digital Evidence
Chapter 12: Death Investigation

Part III: Giving Evidence in Court
Chapter 13: The Duty of Disclosure
Chapter 14: Preparing and Presenting Evidence for Court
Chapter 15: Testifying in Court
Chapter 16: Evidence, Error, and Justice

Également d’intérêt en droit Criminel – Pénal

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