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Rules of Evidence: A Practical Approach
3rd Edition

Auteur(s) :
Gulycz, Michael; Kelly, Mary Ann
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Emond Publishing
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112,00 $
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Product Description

Evidence law is a system of complex rules and principles that govern what information should be heard by the trier of fact in order to make the best possible decision. Rules of Evidence: A Practical Approach, 3rd Edition offers students a practical and up-to-date approach to evidence law in courtrooms and tribunals. It explains how to analyze a fact situation and apply these rules in a logically sequenced manner. The book also addresses strategies for the effective presentation of testimonial and documentary evidence in the context of court and tribunal proceedings. 

Updated to reflect the latest case law and legislation, the third edition offers comprehensive coverage of electronic evidence, including the landmark decision in R v Marakah. It also provides more comprehensive coverage of the distinction between the use of evidence in courts and the use of evidence in tribunals. In addition, this resource features “Case in Point” boxes that enable the reader to see how courts apply evidentiary principles.


  • A concise overview of the fundamental rules of evidence, including rules of and exceptions to hearsay.
  • Updated cases and legislation for currency, including discussion of R v Bradshaw, 2017 SCC 35.
  • Up-to-date Charter jurisprudence, including the application of s. 8 to the search and seizure of electronic devices, social media, and cyberspace.
  • Updated discussion of journalistic privilege to reflect recent changes made to the Canada Evidence Act.
  • Expanded coverage of opinion evidence, including lay witness testimony, expert witness qualification, and oath helping.
  • Current content on the interaction of common law with the Charter right to silence.
  • Additional end-of-chapter review and discussion questions.


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