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Canadian Human Rights Act: Quick Reference - 2019 Edition

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Knight, Jamie; Karabulut, Laura; Antony, Panacci; Saeed, Hina
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Designed to provide federal employers, employees, and bargaining agents with a complete yet concise overview of the Canadian Human Rights Act.

The Canadian Human Rights Act is the central federal legislation that protects the right of individuals to freely participate without unlawful discrimination in all key aspects of society, including employment. The Canadian Human Rights Act: Quick Reference – 2019 Edition is intended to provide federal employers, employees, and bargaining agents with a complete, yet concise, overview of the Canadian Human Rights Act and its potential impact on those operating in federally regulated industries. Any employer or service provider whose enterprise falls within this federal sphere is well advised to familiarize itself with the provisions of the Act. This Quick Reference will also be of interest to human resources professionals across Canada.

New in this edition

  • Numerous updates, clarifications, and enhancements
  • Two new co-authors of the publication
  • Updates on issues surrounding family status discrimination, including information from the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s Guide to Balancing Work and Caregiving Obligations
  • Further information on accommodating employees with substance abuse issues based on the Commission’s guide “Impaired at Work: A Guide to Accommodating Substance Dependence,” published in 2017
  • Updates and guidance based on the Commission’s 2017 Annual Report, including an announcement that the Commission will be completing issue-based audits

Également d’intérêt en droit de la personne/ Human Rights

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