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Mines and Minerals Law in Canada

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Currie, Brenda-Jean
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Mines and Minerals Law in Canada provides a compressive and contemporary outlook on mining law in Canada. This text gathers together current legislation covering the topic of mines and minerals from nine of the Canadian provinces and all the territories. It includes significant case law which interprets topics from mineral acquisition to claims.

This publication exposes students to the legal structure for the development of mineral resources and delves into the complex ways mines and minerals law intersects with environmental and natural resource law.

Mines and Minerals Law in Canada features commentary and in-depth analysis on a range of practice areas including property law, Aboriginal law and Environmental Law. As such, it is a very resourceful title for lawyers, students and professionals.

Summary Table of Contents:

  • I – Definitions
  • II – Ownership and Reservation
  • III – Free Entry System
  • IV – Discretionary System
  • V – Exploration Permits or Plans
  • VI – Resolution of Disputes
  • VII – Transfer of Mineral Interests under Legislation
  • VIII – Surface Rights
  • IX – Liability of Mining Operators
  • X – Royalties
  • XI – Mining Taxation
  • XII - Mining Agreements
  • XIII – Lien Claims
  • XIV – Aggregates, Pits and Quarries
  • XV – Miscellaneous

Également d’intérêt en droit de l’Environnement/Environmental Law

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