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The Chief Justices of the Supreme Court of Canada, 2nd Edition
From 1875 to the Present

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New Federation House
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The Governor General, the Prime Minister and the Chief Justice of Canada form a triumvirate that oversees the country’s direction.

Created in 1875, the Supreme Court of Canada became the court of last resort and the final arbiter of legal disputes when the government abolished the appeals to the Privy Council in London in 1949.

Since then the Supreme Court of Canada has shaped the country’s political, social and economic landscape, especially with the advent of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982.

Eighteen Chief Justices have presided over the court, seventeen men and one woman. This volume on the Chief Justices examines their lives and career paths, the challenges they faced, and some of the historic decisions rendered on major public issues. 

Written by some of the best legal scholars in the country, these biographies of the Chief Justices of Canada are part of a special series of books on Canadian leaders published in English and French by New Federation House.

Canadian Leadership Collection

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