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Canadian Animal Law

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Shroff, V. Victoria
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Product Description

Canadian Animal Law showcases animal law and is written in a light and easy tone that will appeal to legal studies students and professionals. Author Victoria Shroff is one of Canada’s pioneers in animal law who is equally comfortable teaching it to students in the classroom and applying her knowledge and expertise in the courtroom.

Topics Covered

  • The history and development of animal law
  • Provincial & territorial animal welfare statutes
  • Animals in the criminal law context
  • Municipal dangerous dog legislation
  • Custody of animals
  • Animals as food
  • Wildlife law
  • Animals in research and science
  • Plus much more

The intersectionality of the topics covered make this book a must-have for those practicing in many areas of law including civil litigation, criminal, family, environmental, and more. It will also be useful educational and reference book for professionals working with animals or animal welfare organizations.

Table of Contents

 Chapter 1: The History and Development of Animal Law and Animal Law Theory
 Chapter 2: Status of Animals: Provincial & Territorial Animal Welfare Statutes
 Chapter 3: Animals in the Criminal Law Context
 Chapter 4: Animals in Housings and Wills & Estates
 Chapter 5: Dangerous’ Dogs In Law and Legislation
 Chapter 6: Legal Issues Involving Veterinarians
 Chapter 7: Family Law Concepts of ‘Custody’ in Animal Law Settings
 Chapter 8: Animals as Food
 Chapter 9: Wildlife Law
 Chapter 10: Captive Wildlife
 Chapter 11: Animals in Research and Science
 Chapter 12: International Animal Law & the Future of Animal Law

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