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Temporary Entry into the Canadian Labour Market
Immigration Law Series, Volume 1

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Green, Stephen; Cole, Alexandra; Guida, Cristina; Salerno, Peter
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Emond Publishing
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129,00 $
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Product Description

Emond’s new Immigration Law Series, supported by the expertise of general editors Cathryn Sawicki and Chantal Desloges, provides a practical approach to all areas of immigration law.

The first volume of the series, Temporary Entry into the Canadian Labour Market, provides a well-rounded explanation of the avenues and implications of a foreign national’s temporary entry into the Canadian labour market. Readers will gain a cohesive understanding of work permit categories and requirements, from applications for work authorization to employer compliance and inspections. Practical and key considerations are addressed, answering fundamental questions such as whether someone needs a work permit, how they get it, and what the employer and recipient’s responsibilities are.

Written by an author team with years of first-hand experience in the field, this handbook examines relevant cases alongside policy changes and interpretations of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR). Readers will benefit from scenario examples, sample documents, practice tips, and strategies on how to apply the information.


  • Recent policy changes and interpretations of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act(IRPA) and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR)
  • Practical tips, process charts, checklists, and sample documents
  • Examples of policy and case law applications
  • Case study of compliance process
  • First-hand knowledge and insights from experienced authors from the largest and oldest immigration law practice in Canada
  • Plain, easy-to-understand language

Table of Contents

1. Temporary Resident Status and the Worker Class
2. Applications for Work Authorization
3. Work Permit Categories
4. Work Permit Programs: Employer-Specific Work Permits
5. Authorization to Work Without a Work Permit
6. Permanent Residence and Work Permit Eligibility
7. Immigration Rules, Eligibility, and Enforcement
8. Employer Compliance and Inspections


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