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Virtual Advocacy
Litigating from a Distance

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Petrou, Sean; Stern, Akiva
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As Justice David Brown of the Court of Appeal for Ontario states in his Foreword, the contributions to this book offer “a national survey of when courts use virtual hearings and provide advocates with practical information about how to navigate the new and evolving world of hybrid courtrooms and tribunals.”

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 necessitated a swift shift in the functioning of the Canadian judicial system – from paper-heavy, in-person appearances to virtual proceedings based on pleadings delivered electronically. Over time, litigators and the courts have continued to adapt and have finessed the processes necessary for effective virtual advocacy.

Drawing on the expertise of contributors from across the bar – including leading legal practitioners, litigators, students, law clerks, and legal aid services, as well as trial and appellate judges – this new national practice guide, Virtual Advocacy: Litigating from a Distance, provides valuable insight into best practices for navigating the new virtual litigation landscape.

The first comprehensive authority on virtual advocacy in Canada, this text is structured to mirror the natural trajectory of a litigation file, offering guidance through every stage of the process at every level of court in Ontario and federally. Each chapter is organized to succinctly cover the history of the adoption of virtual proceedings, as well as the procedural and tactical considerations of the litigation milestone in question.

It isn’t necessary to read the full volume cover-to-cover. Rather, readers can use Virtual Advocacy: Litigating from a Distance as a future-oriented practice guide, choosing to turn to the relevant sections – such as Motions and Applications, or Trials, or Appeals – as their matter proceeds in the virtual courtroom. By focusing on the issues, practices and strategic matters that every litigator faces, this book is sure to serve as a lasting practical resource.

A quick-reference, annotated guide to key case law is also included and offers important perspectives on the development of COVID-19 and virtual proceedings, written not only by practitioners but also by the judges who made the law.

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