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Food Law and Policy in Canada

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McLeod-Kilmurray, Heather; Lee, Angela; Chalifour, Nathalie
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Thomson Reuters Canada Ltd.
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129,00 $
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While “food law” has not yet crystallized into a systematic field of study in Canada, rapid unification of this field has recently occurred in the USA, the UK, and the EU, among other jurisdictions. What can we learn from them? What is unique about Canadian physical, cultural and social realities that require different approaches to the study of food law and policy in Canada? What is the most effective path to developing coherent and effective food laws that not only serve Canada, but also provide an inspirational model for other countries and enhance international collaboration on creating sustainable and just food systems?

Food Law and Policy in Canada, the first of its kind in the Canadian context, includes chapters from leading experts in the various sub-fields of food law and policy in Canada. The book has two parts. Part I, “Foundations of Food Law and Policy in Canada”, provides a broad overview, with detailed appendices, of the essential laws, regulations and policies relevant to food law and policy in Canada. Part II offers “Critical Perspectives” on issues like emerging food technologies, animal rights, and food and gender, among others. As such, this book provides the basics for beginners, but also advanced critical and innovative thinking on emerging issues in this burgeoning field of law.

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