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Canadian Income Tax Law, 7th Edition, (2023)

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Duff, David G.; Loomer, Geoffrey; Bryan, Bradley; Gillis, Rory
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Product Desciption

Now in its seventh edition, Canadian Income Tax Law combines the best features of a textbook and a casebook by providing an overview of the foundations of tax law and the critical cases which have shaped each component of the tax regime. Reviewing the basic structure of the income tax, the interpretation of tax legislation, judicial and statutory approaches to tax avoidance, and the statutory rules and judicial decisions governing the computation of a taxpayer’s income, the authors provide expert commentary and analysis, making this book — cited by the Supreme Court of Canada — a unique resource for students and lawyers alike.


Book Features

  • Key extracts from leading cases offer the most authoritative precedents for each aspect of income tax law practice
  • Provides concise explanations and analyses of critical sections of the Income Tax Act
  • Introductory chapters lay the foundation for the examination of statutory provisions and judicial decisions; the remaining chapters follow the structure of the Income Tax Act
  • Provides a useful bridge between the highly technical statutory interpretation material that practitioners use every day, and the primary sources of law (i.e. statutes and cases)


What's New in This Edition

The seventh edition of Canadian Income Tax Law includes a new section on the taxation of Indigenous people, an expanded analysis of the application of the source concept of income to fraud cases, substantial revisions to the section on the deduction of expenses in computing income from a business or property, and a revised section on the characterization of gains and losses from the disposition of securities and derivatives. The authors also discuss and comment on the latest legal and legislative developments — including amendments to the employee stock option rules, and recent decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada.


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