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Stikeman Income Tax Act Annotated 2019, 65th Edition
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Pound, Richard W. (Editor in Chief)
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The Stikeman Income Tax Act Annotated 2019, 65th Edition Supplement allows you to be up to date with the latest changes to the Income Tax Act.

This supplement will include all recent legislation since the publication of the 65th edition. More than just legislative updates, this comprehensive supplement also includes up-to-date amendments and Richard Pound's expert insight and detailed annotations. The Supplement features page references to SITA 65 and the ProView version.

New in this Edition

  • Bill C-97 (Second Reading April 30, 2019), Budget Implementation Act, 2019, No.1: certain 2019 Federal Budget proposals; November 21, 2018 Economic Statement proposals; other measures
  • April 8, 2019 explanatory (technical) notes to Budget Implementation Act, 2019, No.1
  • March 19, 2019 Federal Budget Notice of Ways and Means Motion and Budget Supplementary Information excerpts

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