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When I Die: Financial Planning for Life and Death, 8th Edition

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Duncan, Garry; Duncan, Andrew G.
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42,00 $
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Gain improved understanding of estate planning and the tax implications of death.

This book is a guide on how to minimize taxes on death. Set up as a practical workbook, this guide educates readers using a simplified explanation of a rather complex area of tax for the non-professional. Readers benefit by gaining an improved understanding of what estate planning is, the tax implications of death, and the opportunity to plan an effective tax strategy to enhance the estate's net worth and minimize taxes on death. This book will help prepare readers for the intricate process of estate planning and save their estate money by reducing the tax burden.

The 8th edition of When I Die has been updated, including:

  • Using charitable foundations;
  • Documenting and organizing digital assets;
  • Registering for organ donation;
  • Advantages and disadvantages of joint tenancies; and
  • 2019 tax and probate rates.

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