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The Comprehensive Guide to Legal Research, Writing & Analysis, 3rd Edition

Auteur(s) :
McCarney, Moira; Kuras, Ruth; Demers, Annette; Kierstead, Shelley
Éditeur :
Emond Publishing
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113,00 $
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The third edition of The Comprehensive Guide to Legal Research, Writing & Analysis focuses on helping readers develop the competencies required by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada. This is achieved through in-depth coverage of provincial, territorial, and federal research tools and processes. In addition to developing these important communication and research skills, readers will also be equipped to apply them in both academic and professional environments.

This text provides a thorough background of the foundations of the Canadian legal system so that readers fully understand the laws and issues that may impact their work. Using this fundamental knowledge, readers will build key skills related to analyzing issues and facts, researching legal statutes and cases from various levels of court, creating and maintaining research plans, developing legal arguments, and transitioning their legal writing skills from classroom to courtroom. These skills can be further refined by using the in-text sample problems created by the accomplished author team.

Skills in research, writing, and analysis are essential to anyone aspiring to work in or currently working in the legal field. From start to finish, this resource’s detailed and practical approach supports readers in developing these necessary competencies.


  • Contributions from a diverse team of experts: Pam Borden, Timothy Morris, Jennifer Adams, Michele Leblac, Maryvon Cote, Donna Sikorsky, Greg Wurzer, Kim Clarke, Nadine Hoffman, Kim Nayyer, Riel Gallant, Kelly McLaughlin, Natalie Wing, Chuck Andary
  • New sample problems in research, writing, and analysis
  • Updates to online instructor resources


Part I: Becoming a Competent Lawyer
Chapter 1: Foundations
Chapter 2: Problem Analysis: Facts and Issues

Part II: Legal Research
Chapter 3: Federal Bills, Annual Statues, and Regulations as Registered
Chapter 4: Consolidated and Revised Federal Statutes and Regulations
Chapter 5: Researching Provincial Legislation: An Introduction
Chapter 6: Locating and Working with Judicial Decisions
Chapter 7: Researching Secondary Sources of Law
Chapter 8: Introduction to International and Foreign Legal Research in a Canadian Context
Chapter 9: Legal Research: Creating a Plan and Maintaining a Record

Part III: Legal Analysis
Chapter 10: Foundations of Statutory and Case Analysis
Chapter 11: Developing Legal Arguments

Part IV: Communication: Legal Writing
Chapter 12: Legal Writing: Organizing Principles
Chapter 13: Vehicles of Legal Communication

Part V: Applying Legal Skills to Legal Practice
Chapter 14: Transitioning from Classroom to Courtroom

A: Sample Problem
B: Academic Success
C: Glossary

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