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Communication and Writing for Paralegals
2nd Edition

Auteur(s) :
O'Mara, Ashlyn
Éditeur :
Emond Publishing
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Soft Cover
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101,00 $
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Product Description

In order to provide the best representation for their clients, a successful paralegal will call upon their advanced communication and writing skills to advocate, persuade, and effectively communicate the needs of their client’s case. Communication and Writing for Paralegals, 2nd Edition enables students to improve these vital skills and become familiar with the expectations and standards set out by the Law Society of Ontario.

Supplemented with numerous sample documents and writing exercises, this resource discusses various forms of communication, including case briefs, emails, letters, and memoranda of law. Chapters address grammar essentials, proper writing style, proofreading, letter format and structure, and writing strategies for different types of letters (i.e., how to address different audiences).

In this edition, a new fact scenario involving a discrimination claim under the Ontario Human Rights Code guides readers through the initial client meeting and creation of memoranda, emails, and legal documents, allowing readers to see the evolution of a client file. The second edition also features new chapters on proofreading and initial client communication, additional sample documents, and a new appendix on writing legal facta.



  • A new chapter on proofreading.
  • A new chapter on initial client meetings.
  • A new appendix focused on writing legal facta contributed by Olga Leyenson.
  • Expanded discussion of the FIRAC framework.
  • New content on blogs.
  • Increased coverage of legal documents for use in courts, tribunals, and outside court proceedings.
  • A pre-assessment grammar test for students.
  • New and revised sample documents, including a notarial certificate and a sample affidavit.
  • Additional grammar and writing exercises, templates, figures, and key terms.
  • New material on neutral citations in writing memoranda.


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