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Presentation by Professor Ernest Caparros most recent publications
"Gratianus Collection"
at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross,
in March 2014 in Rome


Amongst our new publications
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Arriate, Juan Ignacio (Edited by); Thériault, Michel (Edited by); Caparros, Ernest; Thorn, Jean
Code of Canon Law Annotated, 4th Edition
(Gratianus Series)
98,00 $ CAD   More Details    
Hervada, Javier; Emmons, Mindy (translated by)
Critical Introduction to Natural Right, 2nd Edition
Collection Gratianus
34,95 $ CAD   More Details    
Schouppe, Jean-Pierre
Relations entre Église et communauté politique
34,95 $ CAD   More Details    
Ass. des évêques catholiques du Québec
Commentaire de la Loi sur les fabriques - RLRQ, chapitre F-1, 2016
Textes législatifs annotés (Coll. Gratianus)
8,50 $ CAD   More Details    
Dugan, Patricia M. (Edited by); Navarro, Luis (Edited by); Caparros, Ernest (Edited by)
The Reform Enacted by the m.p. Mitis Iudex, 2016
Commentaries and Documentation
( Gratianus Series, Proceedings)
29,95 $ CAD   More Details    
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