Sales Conditions

1- Prices
All prices are in Canadian currency and all orders are payable in Canadian currency.

2- Back-order
In case of a back-order, a clerk will call the client to give the approximative delay it will take to complete the order.

3- Shipping ChargesThe shipping charges for delivery anywhere in Canada is $9.00 for orders under $30.00, $12.50 for orders between $30.00 to $249.99 and $17.50 for orders over $250.00. For all delivery outside Canada, the shipping charges will be confirmed on a pro forma invoice (see n°7).

4- Payment
All orders must be paid by VISA or MASTERCARD. If you have a customer account with us, you can make your payment through our Web site by writing your account number in the payment section when you are ready to order. All orders charged to your customer account have to be confirmed by telephone by a bookseller before we complete the order.

5- Delivery Delay
For your information, the average delay for delivery in the province of Québec is one (1) to three (3) working days, and two (2) to five (5) working days for delivery elsewhere in Canada.

6- Return Policy
You must obtain an authorization before returning books that you ordered. Please call the bookstore at 514 875-6326 or at 1 800 363-2327.

7- Orders from Outside Canada
All orders from outside Canada, have to be confirmed by fax or by email. We will send you a pro forma invoice with informations about the shipping charges, custom charges and taxes if applicable. We will fill your order only after we will have received your confirmation and the complete payment of the order.

Security and Privacy Policy

Security Policy

Librairie Wilson & Lafleur inc. warranty that all transactions made on its web site are totally secure. All information transmitted are encrypted(1) and cannot be read during the transfer to Nuvei. You can give your name, address and credit card number safely. Transactions travel between our server and Nuvei data centers via the Internet using a highly secure technique based on TLS. Also, we do not keep any information about credit cards in our data base.

(1) Encryption is used to encode the information so that it cannot be read during the transfer. It locks the access to the information, and Nuvei are the only ones who have the key to read the information.

Privacy Policy

Librairie Wilson & Lafleur inc. commits itself to protect all your personal information and private life. We use the information transmitted only to complete your orders. We do not sell any of information to third parties. We never have access to the whole number of the credit card that you used to make your purchase.

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