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Code of Canon Law Annotated, 4th Edition

Author(s): Arriate, Juan Ignacio (Edited by); Thériault, Michel (Edited by); Caparros, Ernest; Thorn, Jean
Editor: Wilson & Lafleur
Year: 2022
Pages: 1876
Binding: Hard Cover
ISBN: 978-2-924974-10-0
Price : 98,00 $ CAD
Type: Papier

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Product Description

As a matter of fact, the present edition of the Code of Canon Law contains the revision of Book VI on The Penal Sanctions in the Church promulgated by Pope Francis with the Apostolic Const. Pascitegregem Dei of May 25, 2021, in force since December 8, 2021. Along with this text, the canonical penal discipline has been substantially modified by the overall replacement of relevant commentaries and the correction of internal references to penal canons that appear throughout the book.

Moreover, since the previous edition of the year 2020, the present volume incorporates other major changes. First, are the texts of other canons that have been modified in recent years for disciplinary or underlying theological reasons. Moreover, various pontifical texts have given a different perspective to certain ecclesiastical institutions or functions, such as, for example, certain disciplinary procedures, now set in accord with the m.p. Vos estis lux mundi, of May 7, 2019. Finally, several documents of the Dicasteries of the Roman Curia have affected entire sectors of the Code. Such is the case of the istr. Pastoral Conversion, of the Congregation for the Clergy, concerning the parish institution and the pastoral activity carried within it; of the new Directory for Catechesis, in the relevant sector; or of the Vademecum published by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith as a guide for trials involving the abuse of minors which, by analogy, also provides useful elements to be observed in the application of penal discipline administratively.

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