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Canadian Maritime Law, Second Edition
Essentials of Canadian Law

Auteur(s) :
Chircop, Aldo; Moreira, William; Kindred, Hugh; Gold, Edgar
Éditeur :
Irwin Law
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Soft Cover
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80,00 $
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Canadian Maritime Law is the leading scholarly text and reference work on maritime law in Canada. It covers the full scope of admiralty, shipping, and navigation issues in the Canadian and international contexts. Since the first edition, maritime law as legislated, judicially developed, and practised in Canada has evolved substantially. Four editors led a team of twenty-eight scholars, practitioners, and other field specialists from across Canada to produce a comprehensive text accompanied by extensive lists of legislation, international treaties, and cases, along with a detailed index.

For students and practitioners new to the field, the text uses plain language and defines all technical legal and shipping terms. For experienced legal and other practitioners, it affords the means to analyze maritime issues according to Canadian law, with due notice of its divergence from US and UK law and practice.

This text provides insights into the Canadian perspectives, content, experience, and practice in this field and will appeal to legal practitioners, government officials, academics, students, and all others engaged with the regulation of all types of navigation and shipping. Practitioners and scholars in other countries interested in international and comparative maritime law will also benefit from this fully updated work.

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