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ADR for Legal Professionals
2nd Edition

Auteur(s) :
Zubick, Jennifer; Callow, Samantha
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Emond Publishing
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92,00 $
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Product Description

ADR for Legal Professionals, 2nd Edition recognizes and addresses the specific needs of legal professionals involved in the growing field of alternative dispute resolution. A recurring case scenario guides readers through each stage of a dispute, from determining a conflict resolution style to drafting settlement agreements or preparing for arbitration.

With practice tips, highlight boxes, checklists, and sample documents, this practical resource provides an in-depth review of the three main ADR processes – mediation, negotiation, and arbitration – teaching readers the fundamental principles of alternative dispute resolution and demonstrating different opportunities to resolve conflicts.

The 2nd edition features a new chapter devoted to current issues in the field of ADR, including Indigenous practices, the use of ADR in administrative tribunals, training and career opportunities in ADR, and more. This edition also features industry-specific legal role plays focusing on common legal issues such as landlord and tenant, personal injury, contractor and owner, neighbours, and employment disputes.

With information, tips, and resources designed for legal professionals, readers will be better equipped to effectively advocate on behalf of their clients. This must-have collection of specialized materials is the perfect resource for any current or future legal professional learning about conflict resolution.



  • New material on drafting settlement agreements. 
  • More comprehensive coverage of online dispute resolution and access to justice.
  • Expanded content on administrative tribunal procedures.
  • Legal role plays focused on common legal disputes between neighbours, employers and employees, contractors and homeowners, clients and service providers, landlords and tenants, and more.
  • “Practice Tip” and highlight boxes throughout.
  • Sample agreements, checklists, figures, and tables.
  • Designed to meet the LSO's paralegal competencies.
  • End-of-chapter summaries, key terms, review questions and exercises.
  • Additional photos, figures, tables, and graphs throughout.


Table of Contents

  1. The Importance of ADR for Legal Representatives
  2. Understanding Conflict
  3. Theoretical Approaches to Understanding Conflict
  4. Conflict Resolution Skills
  5. What Is Negotiation?
  6. Preparing to Negotiate on a Client’s Behalf
  7. What Is Mediation?
  8. Mediation Advocacy
  9. What Is Arbitration?
  10. Advocacy for Arbitration
  11. Selecting the Right ADR Process
  12. Selected Topics in ADR


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